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Our Story

"Collectively we achieve our mission by providing rescue, education and communications services and by seeking to set an example or ‘walk the talk’ in the way that we prepare for, and conduct ourselves when we are on the water."

Our Mission

Coastguard Kaipara Inc was formed in 1979 and operates on the Southern Hemisphere's largest harbour. With an operational area of 1850 sq miles of Tasman Sea and harbour the 100% volunteer crew are on call 24/7. 

Winstone Rescue is an 8.5m aluminium NAIAD Rhib powered by twin 225 Hp Honda outboards and capable of rescue speeds in excess of 44 kts and a range of up to 480 miles. She is equipped with a full electronic navigation and search suite including dual screen, dual radar systems and high power LED search light bars. On board equipment includes a fire/salvage pump, defib, oxygen and a variety of medical gear. Affectionately known as "Winnie" to the crew, she is an excellent sea boat and will handle seas up to 10m with ease, a not unusual occurrence on the harbour bar. The unit takes part in a variety of activities, from SAR incidents, and excercises to community events and conservation work. We also spend time doing regular patrols, training, education and public displays to get the Coastguard safety message across to the boating public.

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